Getting started

Learn about how to create and setup your account for getting started.

Getting starting with nector:

To get started with nector you must first create an account and upload KYC,

  • Go to the Merchant dashboard and register yourself by providing sufficient details.

  • Upon successful registration, you will be logged in automatically.

Account activation

You must activate your account to access the nector. To activate the account, you must first fill in details about your business and upload the required documents. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Merchant profile and click on the edit button in the KYC section and provide all details needed.

  • Once you are done with KYC details, click on the docs button and upload supporting KYC documents.

  • You are all done now, once we receive the KYC details we shall contact you for further details and activate your nector account. After successful verification, a virtual currency (MOIN) will get created for your business which shall be used for creating user wallets on nector.

Once your account is KYC verified you can start with the setup process. By default, you are in the production environment. Click on the toggle button to access the test environment. Use the test environment to familiarise yourself with the dashboard, explore how to integrate, and also use it to test the products before starting to use the products in the production environment.

Account security

To help you keep your account secure, below are a few recommendations from nector:

  • Keep your nector account password secure:

    Your password should be unique to nector account and known only to you. We recommend you do not reuse this password for multiple services or websites.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of your API Keys: It is unique to your account. Anyone who gets to know your API credentials can make an API request for your account. If you think your API Keys may be compromised, you can always generate new API Keys from Merchant APIs.

  • Restrict access to your API Keys: You can add a list of allowed IP addresses, any request coming from other than these IP addresses will get dropped, These addresses fall under two categories one for API access and the other for DASHBOARD access, you can add or remove allowed IP address from Merchant Allowed IPs.