Business integration

nector provides you with the flexibility to easily integrate your website, mobile application, or plugins with our loyalty system to reward your customers.


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Step 1 - Account Creation and KYC Verification

Once KYC is verified, create an API key

Go to APIs and click on the create button. Enter the name of the API and if you plan to do callback validation before the action, put in the callback URL (Request will be made to this URL before rewarding, redeeming etc.) and hit the create button on the popup. Copy the API secret somewhere safe. It is generated only once.

Step 2 - Create Events and Explore Other APIs

Detailed API documentation can be found on Integration APIs or visit the "OAS3 API Specs" which can be imported into any API management tool.

Step 3 - Complete Integration

For merchants who want integrations in under 30 minutes

[OPTIONAL] Custom integration

For merchants who wants full control