API Keys

How to create and use API keys?
API key is used for rewarding, soft user creation and much more. Create a new API key and call our APIs from your app, website or backend system.

Create API key

Once the account is activated, API key can be created as follows
  • Go to API Key page and click on the Create button
  • Name your API key
  • If your are going to use this API key in the frontend, check the is_read_only box
  • Finally, click on Submit button and copy your API secret (It is generated only once)
  • Start making API calls with the newly created API key

Security (never ever reveal API secrets)

API secret leaks will force us to freeze your business account. Please be cautious with API key and secret.
For making API calls from frontend (from your app or website) create read-only API key. These type of keys cannot perform wallet points, coupon rewards, user creation, updations etc. They are designed to fetch info and redeem requests. (Use these type of API keys with the WebSDK or frontend)
These API keys are dangerous and should be used only on the backend side. Anyone who gets to know your API key or API Secret can make API request on behalf of your account.
We strongly recommend if you are creating this type of API key please use it only from backend servers
Refer API Integration to learn how to call APIs. WebSDK must only use the read-only API keys.