KYC Verification
How to activate your nector account?
To activate the account, you must first fill in details about your business and/or upload the required documents.
  • Go to your Profile page and scroll down to the KYC section
  • Click on the Edit button in KYC section and fill in the details and click on Update at bottom of the form to save these details
    If you have organization id (contact you accelerator if you don't), use it to get the free nector credits. Copy paste the organization id in the KYC form along with other details. (We will verify your association with the organization before applying the credits)
  • Click on the Docs button and upload supporting KYC documents (optional)
  • Finally, Click on Submit button to upload the KYC details
  • You are all done now, once we receive the KYC details we may contact you for further details and activate your nector account post verifying the details
Last modified 1mo ago
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