Limits & Quota

How quota and limits work?

Businesses who use us for rewarding their users

Each account has a reward and lead quota which depends on the plan. When you make API calls we burn quotas based on the resources being used. As we introduce new features we will create new quotas.
When you create users we burn one user quota (this is called lead quota)
Reward Wallet Points: for each 100 coins, we burn 1 reward quota (a business can reward a max of 100k coins)
User Redeems a Coupon/Deal: we burn 1 reward quota
You Reward Scratch Card to Your User: we burn 2 reward quota for direct deal rewards

Businesses who use us for promoting their products

There are no quotas or limits for putting up deals and discounts on your product. Deals and discounts added on nector ecosystem should be valid for at-least 6 months. These deals will be used by other businesses for rewarding their users. Nector marketplace holds all the rights to suspend or promote any deal at any time.
Businesses must follow nector guidelines before making their deals or discounts live. Failing to comply with the policies may result in account termination and/or other actions.