Understanding Actions and Rules
What are rules and actions?
There are two ways to start rewarding. Create API key and start calling our Wallet Reward API or Scratch Card Reward API or use the Actions and Rules call the Action Activity API

What is a Rule?

There are the logic, a user must satisfy before getting rewarded. Businesses can Create Rules from their nector dashboard.
Rules are divided into 3 major categories
  • What to reward rules
  • How to reward rules
  • System reward rules

What to reward rules?

This is where you can define what to reward. For example define wallet point range, scratch cards (select categories, price range etc.) or a callback webhook to your backend system.
What to reward rules can be attached to Actions or how to reward rules

How to reward rules?

These are logical rules for example reward on Monday, reward on a specific date, reward for completing a milestone, reward after specific time interval and much more.
Each how to reward rules must point to a what to reward rules. After creating an how to reward rules it must be attached to an Action

System reward rules

These rules are like system settings for example referral rewards (define what referred-by and referred-to will get), create a tier based rewarding system (defined increment factor) and much more.
System reward rules needs to be enabled for things to work. They do not need any linking with Actions or other Rules

What is an Action?

Actions are the way of executing the rule and generating analytics. Once the Rules are created they must be attached to the Actions (only what to reward and how to reward rules shall be attached).
Now calling the Action Activity API with action identifier and user identifier, the user will be rewarded based on rule definition.
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