Understanding Offerings
Understand the nector offerings


Any business who use Nector to reward their users needs to create a soft user by making an API call or directly from their dashboard.
Customer ID is the only required parameters for creating a user. While creating the user businesses can pass referral codes, badge value of the user (used for tier based rewarding), and many more things.


A wallet is generated for every user, and it is used for rewarding points.


Businesses who use Nector to promote their product in the form of deals and discounts, create deals and it is used by other businesses for rewarding scratch card/coupons.
Deals can be created as follows:
  • Go to the Deals page and click on the Create button.
  • Fill the name of deals, along with other details such as sell price, (how many coins should be used to redeem this deal), count (how many times same user can redeem this), quantity, (inventory), brand, category, provider (your website or app link), description etc.
  • Click on the Create button at the bottom of the form to create the deal.
  • The deal will be created, click/hover on the 3 horizontal lines (action options) and click on Coupon Codes to attach generic code, unique code or affiliate link to this deal by clicking on Create button on the Coupon Codes page.
  • Now, go back to the Deals page and attach images (click/hover on the 3 horizontal lines, select the Uploads and upload the images)
  • Finally edit the deal and make it available.


A business who want to promote their product or accept orders through nector can create stores and list their offerings. These offering will be used by other businesses to reward their users.
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